Home of Wallace and Gromit’s Stinking Bishop cheeseThis is the place to be if you want to know what is happening in Dymock. Many of you, particularly newcomers or visitors may think Dymock is a quiet little Gloucestershire village with nothing much happening. Prepare to be surprised. Dymock is a vibrant, active community with a wide range of activities and groups. Dymock Real Estate is quite active and dynamic sector. You can see many ads kiraye evler which offer flats for rent or houses for sale in Dymock. Of course, there are many people who want to be an owner of a nice house in this wonderful place. People here meet regularly throughout the year, many in the Dymock Parish Hall but also elsewhere in the parish such as the Western Way Chapel, Brooms Green Memorial Hall and Ann Cam School. Many walks in the area can be enjoyed alone or in groups and vary from the seasonal, such as the Dymock Daffodil Walks in March, to the Dymock Poets Walks, which can be enjoyed on any day of the year. Follow the links on the left to explore Dymock. Recently added sections of this site include pages for the Cricket Club and the Dymock Half Marathon.

Dymock history and Real Estate overview

Dymock is situated on the B4215 between Newent and Leominster. It borders Herefordshire and is approximately four miles from the pretty Herefordshire town of Ledbury. As one approaches the village from Newent over the M50 motorway bridge there is a panoramic view of the Malvern Hills. It is one of the biggest parishes in Gloucestershire in area and with nine hundred and forty eight people on the electoral register, about three hundred and fifty people live in the village itself. There are many Real Estate agents who can help you buy a house or rent one in this wonderful area of UK. Renting a house here can be as low as 650 pounds, buying one can cost you 250 000 pounds https://www.azestate.az/. There is a post office and village stores and two garages. However, neither garage now sells petrol. The local public house, the Beauchamp Arms, is owned by the community having been bought on its behalf by the Parish Council in 1997. This was to enable land at the side of the pub to be used to erect an extension to the nearby Parish Hall. Both the pub, the hall and St Mary’s Church are very close to one another and are all focal points of the community. The adjacent village green known as the “Wintour’s Green” is used for functions such as an annual barbecue organised by the Parish Hall committee and a Night at the Proms organised by the landlord and landlady of the Beauchamp Arms.

Being situated in the famous “daffodil country”, the area is very busy during daffodil time when many people come to enjoy the lovely walks around the area.

It is a vibrant community with many active socities such as Womens’ Institute (3 groups within the parish), Horticultural Society, Amateur Dramatic Society, Youth Cafe, Toddler Group, etc. There is also an excellent primary school and a pre school nursery.

Dymock Real Estate

How to find Houses for Rent and Sale in Dymock?

If you need to find a house, room for rent or for sale, a reputable website would help you find a good offer. Usually in the summer real estate in Dymock is booming. Many people come for vacations and book hotel or rent a house here.