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This is the place to be if you want to know what is happening in Dymock.

Many of you, particularly newcomers or visitors may think Dymock is a quiet little Gloucestershire village with nothing much happening. Prepare to be surprised. Dymock is a vibrant, active community with a wide range of activities and groups. All of which meet regularly throughout the year, many in the Dymock Parish Hall but also elsewhere in the parish such as the Western Way Chapel, Brooms Green Memorial Hall and Ann Cam School.

Many walks in the area can be enjoyed alone or in groups and vary from the seasonal, such as the Dymock Daffodil Walks in March, to the Dymock Poets Walks, which can be enjoyed on any day of the year. Follow the links on the left to explore Dymock.

Recently added sections of this site include pages for the Cricket Club and the Dymock Half Marathon.

Latest News

Dymock Companion Dog Show & Strawberry Fayre

Thirty four dogs competed in the dog show held on June 21st. Fourteen of the dogs....

Next Diary Event
Fri 3rd Jul 2015

A concert performed by the Carducci String Quartet,7.30pm.Tickets 12 (students 6) available from church(dymockchurch.net) & village shop